About the BrainyActive Challenge

This year, instead of our annual Walk for Dementia, we’re holding a virtual event starting September 19th: the BrainyActive Challenge.

COVID has disproportionately affected people living with dementia. Isolation can worsen dementia and people’s ability to deal with it. This is because it can remove social contact, upset routine, and stretch the reserves of caregivers to the limit.

People in our region need support in dealing with these impacts and the related stresses. Physical and mental activities of any kind – especially those you enjoy and do with others – can prevent, delay, and slow down dementia.

By participating in the BrainyActive Challenge, you will experience both immediate and long term results. You’ll increase your brain’s “cognitive reserve”: its ability to compensate for damage caused by dementia.

Starting September 19th, the Dementia Society is challenging our community to do a brain-stimulating activity every day to improve brain health and raise awareness and funds for dementia support.

This challenge engages people to connect with loved ones and community safely – both virtually and in-person – while respecting COVID measures.

Taking the challenge has many benefits:

  • Stimulate and improve brain health
  • Create safe social occasions
  • Engage with loved ones and community
  • Fight depression and improve mood
  • Build structure and beneficial habits
  • Raise awareness of brain health
  • Support the Dementia Society

Cette année, au lieu de notre habituelle Marche pour la démence, nous organiserons un défi virtuel en <mois> : le Défi Remuez vos méninges! Nous invitons les membres de notre communauté à faire chaque jour une activité divertissante et stimulante pour renforcer leur résilience cérébrale et recueillir des fonds pour la Société de la démence.

    Les bienfaits sont nombreux; participer au Défi:

    • Stimule le cerveau et améliore la santé cérébrale;
    • Crée des interactions sociales sûres;
    • Encourage les interactions avec les proches et l’entourage;
    • Combat la dépression et améliore l’humeur;
    • Permet de développer de saines habitudes;
    • Sensibilise les gens à la santé cérébrale;
    • Soutient la Société de la démence.

    Help our community get ahead of dementia

    • Your sponsorship will fund support groups where people with dementia find meaning and fun, and where caregivers can lean on others to boost their resilience.
    • You will help fund exercise and music programs, where caregivers and people with dementia can stay healthy, get social, and build and access memory reserves.
    • And you will help fund education programs that help the public better understand dementia and create a truly dementia-friendly community.
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    At the Dementia Society, our vision is to ensure no one faces dementia alone—which is even more critical now, as COVID-19 further isolates people living with dementia and their care partners. Now more than ever, our community needs social connections and support. For this reason, we are now offering numerous programs online, and with your support, we can do more.
    • A $2,500 sponsorship means 20 more people living with dementia in the 613 region and their care partners can attend 8 weekly instructor-led online music sessions.
    • A $5,000 sponsorship facilitates the launch of a new program such as Practical Caregiver Training or a Brain Health Masterclass.

    The need is now. Thank you for your support.


    Lynda Colley
    Chair, Board of Directors
    The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County

    BrainyActive Challenge Sponsors

    Our partners are pretty brainy. They know a good thing. Sponsoring the BrainyActive Challenge allows them to:

    • Showcase their leadership and commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those impacted by dementia in Ottawa and Renfrew County.
    • Demonstrate their allegiance with a valuable local organization in a fun, high-profile campaign.
    • Help make Ottawa and Renfrew County a caring, dementia-friendly community.

    The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County would like to thank the following BrainyActive sponsors:

    Title Sponsor




    Founding Sponsor



    About Baker Tilly Canada

    With member firms from coast to coast, the Baker Tilly Canada Cooperative is one of the country’s largest associations of chartered professional accounting firms. As an all-Canadian network, we have a longstanding reputation for value-added audit, tax and advisory solutions, due to the depth and breadth of our in-house skills, customized offerings and service excellence. Through our strong network infrastructure, shared expertise, resources and offices across the country, our independent member firms provide clients ranging in size from large, publicly traded companies to owner-managed and emerging businesses with a full complement of professional services across every major industry sector.

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    About The Dementia Society

    Many people experience symptoms of dementia long before diagnosis. Many people are relieved to finally understand what is “going on” yet for others, the diagnosis creates fear and worry. What does it all mean, what does it mean for my spouse, partner, family, friends and future? All of these thoughts are natural and expected, and they need not overwhelm. The Dementia Society is here to walk with you, and to understand your goals and help you live them. We are your own community of support.

    La Société de la démence vient en aide aux personnes qui vivent avec la démence et aux personnes qui en prennent soin, à Ottawa et dans le comté de Renfrew. Nous leur offrons des services d’accompagnement et d’orientation ainsi que des programmes pour les inciter à rester actives et briser l’isolement social dû à la COVID.

    L’argent que nous recueillons reste ici dans la région. Les besoins sont grands. Avec votre aide, nous pouvons faire plus.

    As a community resource, The Dementia Society offers a range of social, recreational and caregiver peer support to people in Ottawa and Renfrew County, thanks to the support of provincial funding, and thousands of donors, volunteers and supporters who sustain our efforts.

    Did you know? You don’t need to be referred to the Dementia Society

    Call Us Anytime. Did you know that you don’t need to be referred by a medical professional or social worker to connect with the Dementia Society? Navigating care options for dementia is tough enough. We don’t add to that; rather we’re here to help with that and more. From dementia education to practical strategies for people living with dementia and their care partners, to fun, safe (now online!) activities like music and art. You can take advantage of these services at no cost.
    Connect with the recognized Dementia Society experts of Ottawa and Renfrew County:

    Monday-Thursday 8:30am -8:00pm
    Friday 8:30am-4pm

    Ottawa: 613-523-4004 ext. 2
    Renfrew County: 888-411-2067
    Web chat: www.dementiahelp.ca
    Email: info@dsorc.org

    For more information on The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County, please visit www.dementiahelp.ca.