BrainyActive Challenge 2020

The Hennessy Greens

In this time of Corona we are dealing with great stress and increasing isolation.We can break through our anxiety by giving to others and engaging in helping others.
People dealing with dementia are even more vulnerable and isolated during the Pandemic.
The Dementias are a complex group of brain degenerative illnesses affecting 5% of people at 65 increasing in frequency with advancing years. Dementia is not exclusively age related with constantly evolving research and management.
For a person with dementia their ability to communicate, to understand and to express their inner experience of life and their sense of their place in it is progressively more difficult.
Their loved ones and caregivers are also witnesses to this grief and loss.
 The Dementia Society offers practical support to break through what can seem devastating devastating diagnosis and by their programs and personal coaching aim to:
  1. Connect people living with dementia and their caregivers to programs, resources, information, and each other; 
  2. Fund programs that help people living with dementia stay active, get social and enjoy meaningful lives; 
  3. Raise awareness of how to prevent dementia and improve lives by creating a dementia-friendly community.
Whatever you can give will help – it all adds up! We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for helping us to reach our fundraising goal.  Become  BRAINYACTIVE !   Join my team,
"The Hennessy Greens"!!
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